Soup season- broth bags!

Hi all.

This is not a normal recipe of sorts but more of a go to money saving, time saving tid bit of information I thought I’d share.

Broth bags. What are they? well, I keep a bag in the freezer at all times to throw any of my vegetable odds and ends into. The usual additions are garlic paper, onion scraps, carrot tops, celery tops and ends, zucchini tops etc., Every time I prepare veggies I always always put the scraps in the bag in the freezer. This may seem a little weird but I do the same for meat. Any meat scraps and bones have their separate bags. I have even been known to go to a friend of families house for dinner and bring home the bone. I couldn’t live with myself if a perfectly good carcass went to waste! I’m all about using as much of the animal as I can.


Anyways all this to say, when that day hits that your not feeling 100% or the weather outside is just awful, all you need to do is throw your frozen veggie scraps in a slow cooker (or pressure cooker or big pot) with any meat bone scraps and water and let simmer until you have pure liquid gold- AKA deliciously nutritious bone broth.

Definitely have a taste before you pack it up to make sure it’s seasoned to your liking.

Depending on my mood i’ll often throw in some fresh rosemary from the garden but this time i just kept it simple.

Also good to know, for you non meat eaters, just don’t add the meat… A la veggie broth 🙂


In our household soup season last year round, but it definitely ramps up in those cold wintery months.

Get on it people! So cheap,easy, nutritious and so delicious.



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