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Prep for success

Happy Sunday everyone!

I can’t believe how fast this weekend flew by. I for one appreciated the cooler rainy days- I got so much done this weekend. Success.

Laundry- check

Vacuum- check

Cleaned floors- check

Cleaned bathroom-check

Meal prep for the week- check

Amazing therapy trail run in the rain with my bestie and pup- Check

Amazing long solo hike to reconnect before a busy week- Check

It’s been a gurreat weekend!

I thought I might write a little blurb about how I generally do my meal prep each week. I normally plan out 5 nights of dinners with 2 flexible nights for ordering in, going out, or leftovers. I also try to make enough to feed us through lunch as well, while breakfasts and snacks are more on the fly.

I have a ton of cook books! I always hit the books and good old pintrest to get some ideas.

Once I have my ideas I write out a big old list and hit the shops. I try and hit up a farmers market either Saturday or Sunday to get as much local organic produce as possible as well as some farm fresh eggs and cheese. I’m a huge lover of farmers markets- always support local when you can!

Once I’ve knocked those off my list I hit up the grocery store to grab the rest.

When I get home I like to wash and chop all the veggies I will need for the week. I cook up a few cups of grains (brown rice, quinoa, wild rice), make any dressings or sauces and store everything so it’s easy to put together for the week. I generally choose dishes that can be mostly assembled ahead of time so by the time my tummy starts growling I just have to open to fridge. That’s it that’s all. All in all it takes me about 4 hours to plan, shop and prep for the week. A huge time saver in the end and we are left with lot’s of healthy nutritious delicious meals and snacks for the week!

This week I have planned, shopped and prepped for:

Monday– veggie and chicken filled salad rolls with almond butter dipping sauce

Tuesday-Spiralized zucchini with kale walnut pesto and chickpeas (or chicken for the man friend)

Wednesday-Cold brown rice chicken and veggie salad with maple tahini dressing

Thursday– Barbecue chicken breasts and detox kale salad with maple tahini dressing

Friday-Away (eating out)

Saturday-Away (eating at a wedding)

Sunday-Chicken taco salad with brown rice and avocado

I was really lucky this week and got all of our groceries for under $100! That’s pretty big considering how much we eat.

Here’s my farmers market haul… I also went to the store to grab other essentials such as organic chicken breasts, brown rice, dried beans (chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans), nuts (almonds, walnuts), almond milk, almond butter, rice paper wraps, avocado’s, organic greek yogurt, frozen organic  blueberries…

IMG_1580 IMG_1581

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