My go to summer salad

Good morning!

As you saw from my last post i’ve been working away in our little veggie/herb garden and on Monday I was able to harvest enough to make a huge salad for both myself and the man friend for dinner.

IMG_9998 Baby kale, Baby romaine and fresh parsley!

I used a bunch of fruit and veggies I got from the farmers market to make the most delicious summer salad


Summer Salad:

Organic cherry tomatoes

Organic farmers market purple carrots (so fun!)

Organic farmers market strawberries

Organic farmers market apples



Greens from the garden

Vinaigrette: I just blended up dijon, balsamic vinegar and avocado oil- it was perfect!

Throw on some grilled chicken, grilled prawns, grilled steak or even beans with some fluffy quinoa and you’re good to go- a well balanced healthy and cheap (thank you home grown veg) dinner for two.

In the future I will definitely throw in some other local veggies and herbs as well as some yummy local goat cheese! so good.

I am really going to try and utilize home grown food whenever possible this summer- I dub this summer the summer of epic salads 🙂 I’m feeling so motivated to keep my garden nice and healthy 🙂

That’s all- thanks for reading.


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