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Watermelon salad

Bonjour everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying/surviving this crazy heat wave!

The past few weeks the weather has been absolutely amazing and I have definitely gotten outside to enjoy it. Here’s a few snaps as well as an amazingly easy/delicious recipe at the bottom. Enjoy!

IMG_0177 Bacon…nothing really needs to be said here- it speaks for itself

IMG_0199  IMG_0225 IMG_0229 The Man friends birthday dinner- that’s a boston cream donut inspired cake- it was unreal!

IMG_0270Pre softball beachside dinner with a view!

IMG_0325 A round of golf with mama bear

IMG_0344 IMG_0345 Date night! all of my favourite things- bacon, seared scallops, avocado, tuna, mango…. SO GOOD!

IMG_0375 IMG_0386Hikes with these trouble makers

IMG_0346IMG_0327 family BBQ time

As pictured above in the pink bowl- watermelon feta salad

1/2 watermelon cubed

1 cucumber chopped

1/2 block of feta crumbled (I use goat feta)

a few fresh mint leaves cut in ribbons

a pinch of salt

Toss everything together and you have the most delicious summer salad- so easy! so yummy!


The perfect picnic salad

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m not sure if you were aware, but yesterday was national picnic day. When I found that out yesterday morning I thought- what a great idea for dinner time!

I went about rustling in my fridge for some good picnic dinner time ideas and came up with a super tasty- almost potato salad-but not potato salad at all- salad (Long winded I know!)

By the time the man friend got home from work the sky had opened up and it was raining pretty hard- picnic fail! But because it has been so hot and dry here I was actually super excited for the rain and we just had an indoor picnic- AKA dinner at home like every other night.

The weird salad concoction was a big hit!


2 cups chopped broccoli

1 cup diced carrots

1 cup diced apple

1/4 of a red onion diced

1/4 cup chopped walnuts


1/4 cup tahini

2 tsp maple syrup

2tsp miso

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup water

Blend up until smooth and creamy.

Toss salad with dressing until fully incorporated and serve either as is or on top of a bed of greens (what I prefer to do).

Super easy and delish! What I love most about salads like this is that they won’t wilt up- they stay nice and fresh in the fridge for a few days.

If the weather continues to be amazing I will definitely remake for a real picnic next week.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

My go to summer salad

Good morning!

As you saw from my last post i’ve been working away in our little veggie/herb garden and on Monday I was able to harvest enough to make a huge salad for both myself and the man friend for dinner.

IMG_9998 Baby kale, Baby romaine and fresh parsley!

I used a bunch of fruit and veggies I got from the farmers market to make the most delicious summer salad


Summer Salad:

Organic cherry tomatoes

Organic farmers market purple carrots (so fun!)

Organic farmers market strawberries

Organic farmers market apples



Greens from the garden

Vinaigrette: I just blended up dijon, balsamic vinegar and avocado oil- it was perfect!

Throw on some grilled chicken, grilled prawns, grilled steak or even beans with some fluffy quinoa and you’re good to go- a well balanced healthy and cheap (thank you home grown veg) dinner for two.

In the future I will definitely throw in some other local veggies and herbs as well as some yummy local goat cheese! so good.

I am really going to try and utilize home grown food whenever possible this summer- I dub this summer the summer of epic salads 🙂 I’m feeling so motivated to keep my garden nice and healthy 🙂

That’s all- thanks for reading.

Life lately

I’m really not good at this whole blogging thing eh?!

Oh well, I guess this will just be somewhere I occasionally come to dump recipes and life tidbits.

So, life lately- it’s been pretty great, busy busy with work, gorgeous weather, tons of hiking, lots of gardening, BBQing, softball, patio drinks, listening to lots of great music, lots of family time and finally finishing up my first big tattoo… can’t complain!

IMG_9122 Sister love!

IMG_9245Even if you can eat dairy ice cream, DON’T, this is way better!

IMG_9283 Enjoying a delicious gluten free vegan cookie from culver city salads food truck down town on a lunch break- perfection!IMG_9284 Checking out the amazing Rachel’s gallery opening! Check out lane way art collective for some amazing paintings, photos and more!   IMG_9334 Family hike up Eagle bluffs. If you live in Vancouver this hike is a must!!! unbelievable views at the end

IMG_9355Meeting one of my besties new puppy-This is Fletcher!IMG_9420Volunteering at the Turtle Gardens dog run! always a very rewarding experience. So many puppy kisses! If you’re ever looking to rescue or foster check out Turtle Gardens, they are the best!!! Taffy is a TG dog and theres no one better 🙂

IMG_9510Treatie time!

IMG_9517An evening walk at the dog park with my girlie! We have been so so blessed with unreal weather lately! it’s so nice to head out after a day in the office.

IMG_9541Preparing for ‘the big one’. People may think i’m crazy but it’s important to be prepared! Safety first!

IMG_9548 Family night at the dirty apron cooking school. If you have never done one before you are really missing out!! such a great gift or date night! IMG_9565 More great group hikes!

IMG_9648 Hitting the links with the man friend- #mynewestobsession

IMG_9593Daily homemade almond milk lattes

IMG_9603Taff-a-dilly turned 3! We celebrated with a big ol hike!

IMG_9637Week night seafood pasta that was to die for!

IMG_9675 Taffy reminding you to eat your daily veggies! IMG_9725 Amazing live music at the cloverdale rodeo!

IMG_9741 A little post work relaxation in the hammock

IMG_9743  IMG_9746 Family BBQ night! spot prawn season is the best season!

IMG_9849 A hike in the cloudsIMG_9878Chipolte with a view!

IMG_9883 Grilled romaine… it is my latest obsession. If you haven’t tried it- TRY IT NOW! (see ‘recipe’ below)

IMG_9895 IMG_9896 Working away in the garden 🙂 Excited to watch everything grow and to make some yummy meals! #growyourownfood IMG_9905Growing lettuce for my sandwiches from an old stump of romaine- so cool!! thank you Pinterest for that little tidbit.

There you have it- life lately. Busy busy but oh so great!!

Grilled romaine (serves 2)

1 head of romaine

1 tbsp coconut oil (or avocado oil)

salt and pepper

cut romain in half, brush well with oil. Place on a medium high grill and grill until wilted and charred.

Sprinkle lots of salt and pepper and enjoy! I love it with a little balsamic vinaigrette or a homemade caesar dressing!


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