Summer lovin

Hi Hi its been a while! well I have officially finished my first year at IHN! one more year until I have to make some big girls decisions on what I want to do with this education. This year has been a whirlwind, lots of ups and downs but i’m really really happy I stuck it out, I have learnt so much and I already feel like i’ve made some positive changes from this past year. On to the next!

Since being off I have enjoyed many a good meal.


(my first homemade poached egg-yum!, smoked salmon dill eggs benny, gluten free waffles with fresh strawberries, chocolate avocado cupcakes, maple bacon pancakes, eggs and sweet potato hash, double bison bacon avocado burger)

An amazing girls night potluck, everything was so delish!


As you can see i’ve been very busy enjoying elaborate delicious meals 🙂

I’m still farmers market obsessed, in fact I normally hit up 3 a week: 1 Friday night, 1 Saturday morning and then 1 Sunday morning. I love walking around checking out the goodies and chatting with all the different farmers and vendors. My favourite things to do these days is to gather a bunch of random ingredients and then pretend i’m on the show chopped (I get cooler every day I know) and try to create something super yummy.


A super simple local kale, strawberry salad sprinkled with roasted almonds and hemp seeds


Local cherry tomatoes, steamed green beans and avocado with a hearty glug of EVOO, salt and pepper.

ImageA beet, carrot, apple, parsley, quinoa slaw with fresh lemon and EVOO

ImageLocal organic chicken and BBQ veggies (peppers, onions, zucchini)

I still have a few weeks off from school to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve been so blessed with. I will be sure to squeeze in some quality cooking time and will pop in from time to time when I land on a goodie 🙂

Just thought i’d check in and say hi, hope everyone is having a gurreat summer so far.


Taffy says hi too 🙂


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