Foodie pen pal

About a month ago I signed up online to be a foodie pen pal. I’m always on the look out for new healthy treats and thought it would be a great way to be introduced to something new, especially from other cities. This month I had Krista (no blog) from Toronto and she sent me such a yummy package.


It included some multi coloured brown rice pasta made from different added veggies, this will be great for an anytime dinner, you can never squeeze too many veggies in. She also included a package of apple cinnamon chia goodness cereal, which is going to be great to take with me on my upcoming Christmas time trips. I find travelling with food allergies can be quite challenging and this cereal is awesome become you can just add water. It’s super easy and full of protein, fibre and healthy omega 3 fats! She also included 2 new to me snacks: a package of apple crunchers and a package of chocolate drizzled quinoa bites, I’m OBSESSED with anything apples and anything quinoa so she really got it right! The package also included some new to me teas as well as 2 recipe cards. Can’t wait to give those a go! maybe with her permission I can post them on the blog once i’ve made them.
This was such a great activity to take part in, I loved putting together a package to send off (which you can check out here) as well as waiting like a little kid for my snail mail package of goodies… Who doesn’t like getting mail that isn’t bills!
If anyone is interested in taking part next month head over to The Lean Green Bean, you don’t even need a blog, just an interest in all things food 🙂

One thought on “Foodie pen pal

  1. Krista J November 30, 2012 at 7:27 am Reply

    Glad you liked the treats!

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