poop poop and more poop 🙂

last nights class was all about digestion so we talked a lot about ‘the perfect poo’ and the process to have one.

Before we get into it i’ll share a little treat I made just because 🙂 sometimes I just need a little something sweet


Admittedly I made this as a little post dinner treat however, I have been enjoying the leftovers for breakfast with a little whipped full fat coconut milk, courtesy of Oh She Glows

the crumble is just peaches, blueberries, cinnamon topped with gluten free oats, coconut, cinnamon, coconut oil and coconut sugar, YUM!

Okay onto the class:

Very basically digestion is the breakdown of ingested food, very few people have no digestion issues and a large portion of those problems can most likely be solved by one easy thing, CHEWING FOOD PROPERLY.

Most people don’t chew their food properly, digestion starts in the mouth, if the food isn’t broken down properly in the mouth the rest of digestion is not as efficient… The smell and taste of food stimulates the production of salivary amylase which is an enzyme that breaks down amylose (starch), fats and proteins aren’t chemically broken down until the stomach and small intestine

Once the food, or bolus, reaches the stomach it triggers the secretion of the hormone gastrin which triggers the release of proteases ( a group of enzymes that breaks down proteins) as well as HCL (hydrochloric acid), the food is then churned and broken down more in the stomach until it reaches a pH of 2.3 which triggers the release of food, or chyme, into the small intestine. If the food is in large particles when it reaches the stomach it wont be broken down to a size that is necessary for later absorption so it leads to malabsorption issues. Apart from peristalsis (movement of food through the intestines) the stomach is the last place where mechanical breakdown occurs so you need to make sure you properly break food down in the mouth, CHEW!

Once acid chyme reaches the small intestine it triggers receptors (‘acid trigger’) which release the hormone secretin which triggers both pancreatic enzymes and bicarbonate (increases the pH so the acidic chyme doesn’t burn and irritate the small intestine). If you have consumed fat in your food this is also where bile is released by the gallbladder to aid in the break down in fat. Fat is water phobic, the bile salts attach to the fats to make them more water soluble.

Once again if the food particles are too big, because they weren’t chewed properly, they wont be broken down enough to be properly absorbed, instead the food particles ferment and putrefy, become toxic and cause bloating, gas, discomfort they also feed the ‘bad’ bacteria in your large intestine which kill off the ‘good’ bacteria creating dysbiosis (not enough ‘good’ bacteria present). dysbiosis causes constipation, gas, bloating, discomfort and many many more symptoms.

Another common issue associated with large food particles present in the large intestine is leaky gut, leaky gut is caused by persistent irritation/damage of your intestinal lining, it is the passage of large food particles into the blood stream, your body see’s these large particles as invaders which triggers an immune system response such as allergens.

Basically not chewing your food causes food allergies, I don’t know about you but everyone and their sister has a food allergy these days… maybe we all just need to try and chew our food better… thats your homework, be conscious of your chewing and see if it makes a difference!

WOW! sorry about the tangents… hopefully it was a little helpful, moral of the story chew your food


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2 thoughts on “CHEW CHEW CHEW

  1. Erin (@girlgoneveggie) September 16, 2012 at 10:08 am Reply

    Wow this was really informative! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll definitely make sure to chew my food better from now on!

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