Meal planning help?

Although I don’t start school until Monday seeing all the little kiddies heading to school this morning made me think about how busy life is about to get. With full time work, part time school and playing on 2 soccer teams things are going to be crazy so I need to start prepping. I have started big batch cooking and freezing so I will always have a hot healthy meal for those times I don’t have time to cook. Last night’s batch was a big pot of spaghetti sauce

2 carrots chopped, 2 stalks of celery, 1 large onion, 1 cup chopped mushrooms, 1 red bell pepper, 1 zuccinni, 2 cloves of garlic, about 1 Tbsp of fresh sage sautéed, a sprinkle of dried chillies and salt and pepper in 1 Tbsp of coconut oil until softened then add in about 1 pound of ground beef and cook until meat is browned then add in about 1/2 cup red wine and simmer until reduced by half. Then add 1 large can of crushed tomatoes and simmer until veggies are tender. This sauce was so good I almost ate it all doing the ‘hmmm does this taste right’ spoonfuls 🙂


As well as batch cooking I was also thinking I should get into meal planning. I have never done meal planning before  but it seems like it would help me save some money as well as time… if anyone has any tips please share!

Good luck to everyone heading back to school today, i’m going to go do a little back to school shopping today. There are few things I love more than new pens and notebooks 🙂 am I the only one out there??


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