Last minute trip

This morning I got an invitation from a friend to head out of town for 2 days: swimming, tanning, sleeping, eating, drinking here I come :), never needed a break more.

Seeing as this trip came completely out of the blue I am leaving behind a full fridge with a lot of produce… I hate things to go bad so I did what I always do when I notice the produce is at the end of its life, I made a everything but the kitchen sink ‘soup’ of sorts. I just chopped up everything I had in my fridge, added a can of chickpeas and a carton of chicken broth and vola ‘soup’


I just baggied it all up into single portions and threw it in the freezer… now i’m ready for the inevitable back to school sickness, that I will pick up from over working/under sleeping.

Last night I had my sister and her boyfriend over for dinner, I made pulled pork tacos with a bunch of yummy taco fixings…


I made a raw corn, avocado, tomato salad a avocado and mango ‘salsa’, a tomato and red pepper salsa, and a mexican (ish) slaw. After a long day of work it was nice to just sit out on the patio and catch up over good food.

okay well i’m off for a little vacay, i’ll be back soon with some more yumminess

What does everyone else do when they have expiring veggies to use up? any other everything but the kitchen sink ‘recipes’ out there?


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